Goran Marković
Born in Serbia, in the town of Kruševac
25th Oct. 1968.

Loznica, the town situated 150 km from Belgrade, Serbia.

Work Experience:
25 years of experience in graphic design and creating of various visual shapes for the requirements of printed as well as of electronic advertising for the companies in different spheres of production. In 2004 I myself founded a studio for graphic design, 3d modelling and making of commercials, in which I was successfully on the head of the team of people, helping them in their
endeavours to make the best visualisation in advertising campaigns for different companies. In the production process I went through all the phases of creation: creation of ideas, creation of story boards, conceptual arts, 3d modelling, open maps in Adobe Photoshop, as well as in 3d Max, film directing, editing and postproduction.

Work in Programs:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, 3ds Max

I got a certificate from Secondary School for Design, where I gained graphic designer skills and then I got a degree from the
Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade as a secondary school teacher in Fine Arts.

A great influence on my artistic development was made by arts of comics (DC, Marvel), film, video games and pop culture.