Every frame is a picture, in a video game, film or commercial. The picture according to its dynamic perspective more or less attracts a spectator or a player. Today’s film aesthetics is inspired by American comics and creates visual standards for young players and spectators. My specialty is the very creation of that aesthetics through all the phases of production. I have “an eye for” photography and I can easily make a fusion of a photo and virtual realism with the touch of comics’ dynamic perspective. I can work on creating a literary side of story as well as of its visual side throughout conceptual graphic arts or three-dimensional arts in 3ds Max, also combining the two systems. I can also make sculptures of very realistic objects in 3ds Max, made of low polygons as well as of polygons with high resolution of the objects. I can also do the mapping of the objects as well as of organic objects like people, animals or stylized characters. I can cooperate with colleagues on the project and also lead a team of people that could take a part in creating of high-quality sceneries and visually realistic, complex scenes in a video game which resemble Hollywood movies in their aesthetics.